Six Strategies

Excellence By Design

At SmartMail, we’re designed for excellence. We follow six fundamental strategies supported by specifically defined processes to bring quality to our work and to our organization.

1. Manage by Teams. Teams bring better communications, better coordination and better solutions to our organization and to our customers. SmartMail is designed as a team-based organization with customers and suppliers as integral elements of that design.

2. Always On Time. Time standards exist for nearly every process. We’ve designed our own project scheduling process (we call it "Job-Days") to ensure that our on-time performance is second to none. Plus, other key processes are timed such as pickup of materials (1/2 day), receiving (1/2 hour), production prep (one hour) to delivery of leftover materials and invoice (next day). By tightly managing time, we reduce bottlenecks, avoid surprises and consistently meet customer deadlines.

3. Inspect. And Inspect, Again. Mistakes happen. Our mission is to find them and fix them while a project is still in the works. We’re inspecting for hundreds of possible defects on each job, even the ones that might have slipped by a customer or a customer’s supplier. Then we record and categorize any errors we’ve found. When a pattern of defects appears, we dig for the root cause and fix the process that failed.

4. Measure Performance. SmartMail measures itself in every key process including job turnaround, quality compliance and customer service. We compare ourselves against industry as well as internal benchmarks and post the results for all to see.

5. Build Partnerships. We recognize our success depends on people outside our organization – our customers, suppliers and the community at large. SmartMail believes partnerships make winners and we strive to make partners of the people and organizations with which we interact.

6. Keep Learning; Keep Improving. SmartMail seeks to continuously improve at all levels. We’re committed to ongoing training of leaders and employees, learning from other successful organizations and trying new methods to improve performance. Most of all, we want drive improvement through listening and responding to our customers.

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