SmartMail Services:

Data Services

Database Management

Custom List Management
We manage your list turnkey.

Add, Delete, Modify
Accurate data entry to your list -- high or low volume

List Compilation
We'll build your mailing list from scratch.

Address Standardization

Street/Zip Verification - CASS
Comply with USPS address standards.

Zip+4/Carrier Route/County Code Append
Add coding for postal savings and targeting.

USPS-approved mail sortation.

NCOA (National Change of Address)
Find re-located families and businesses from USPS change of address database.

Area Code Update
Append new and changed telephone area codes.

Data Enhancement

Merge separate files, eliminate duplicates.

Dup Elimination
Eliminate duplicates within a file.

Field Alignment
Re-structure your name, company and address fields for consistency.

Upper/Lower Casing
Change to all upper case or upper/lower.

Gender Coding
Identify male/female for proper salutation or targeting.

Separate name or address elements into separate fields.

Data Format Conversion
From and to most formats and media.

Laser & Media Output

Printed Output

Laser Document Production
Personalized, high-volume letters and documents.

Your mail-merge letter or document is produced at the highest quality on your letterhead or on stock we provide. We can laser a signature or other graphic plus merge name, address and other variable data in the address block or in the body of the letter. With our high-speed HP inkjet process we can produce a matching envelope or response card that makes your mail piece professional and flawless.

For the best result, you will want to make sure your data file is properly set up for mail merge. After we view your data, your account manager can recommend any cleanup that might be called for.

Laser Labels
Clean looking labels available in clear, white and many colors.

Continuous Labels
High volumes on cheshire or peel-and-stick return labels.

Media Output

For quick return of your enhanced data.

Diskette & Zip Disk
PC Compatible.

9-Track Tape
An industry standard available at 1600 or 6250 dpi.

Fixed, delimited, zipped. Import into most software.

Fax Broadcast

Fax Broadcast

Fax Broadcast
Thousands of documents transmitted nationwide or worldwide in a matter of hours.

We need a digital or clean paper copy of your document along with your database of fax numbers, including area code. If necessary, we'll clean your fax list (see Area Code Update) to maximize successful transmissions. Following your approval of a proof, it is usually a matter of hours to transmit up to tens of thousands of documents around the country or around the world.

Typically, the recipient's name and firm is indicated on the header line at the top of the document; however, mail merge in the body of the document is available with sufficient time for set-up.

Direct Mail Processing

Mailing Services

SmartMail lettershop services offer fast and accurate processing of your direct mail projects whether just hundreds of pieces or hundreds of thousands. Our turnaround is second to none in Austin and our quality assurance is detailed and exacting - even rooting out errors originating from another supplier or the customer (yes, even our best customer can make a mistake now and then).


Cheshire, machineable pressure-sensitive, laser sheet labels.

Ink Jet
High speed, high resolution direct addressing including laser-quality 600x600 dpi.

Hand Address
A personal touch for invitations and annoucements.

Bulk Mail Preparation

Bar Coded and Automated First Class and Standard Mail
Maximum postage savings and better delivery times. Require CASS and PAVE processes.

Presorted First Class
Discounted First Class postage through ZIP Code sortation.

Periodical Mail
Designed specifically for subscriber/requester publications.

Bound Printed Matter
Bulk postage discounts for bound printed materials between 1 and 15 lbs.

Priority Mail
Two to three day service for parcels and letters.

Express Mail
Overnight service for parcels and letters.

Fulfillment & Assembly

Fulfillment & Assembly

SmartMail Fulfillment Division can handle your daily literature or product orders and perform the assembly and shipping of packages and promotional kits to support your organization’s marketing program. As in all our services, SmartMail provides fast and accurate processing along with efficient shipping through UPS, Federal Express, the Postal Service and other carriers.


Fax, 800# or Internet Order Processing
We’ll process orders any way you require, through you or direct from your customer.

Payment Management
We’ll invoice your customer and process payment by credit card or by check.

Inventory Management
Maintain and report inventory counts on all items, notify for restock.

Ship via UPS, FedEx and other carriers; maintain and report tracking.

Storage of your material or product short-term or long-term.


Collate, Insert, Kit, Package
We’re specialists at preparing three-dimensional boxed packages and kits.

Packaging Supplies and Premium Items.
We’ll recommend and source the right promotional item and packaging material.

List Acquisition

List Acquisition

SmartMail is a recognized mailing list broker listed in Standard Rates and Data Service (SRDS). Through our Account Management Department, we acquire lists for customers from commercial list compilers throughout the country. Lists are ordered from both consumer and business databases with selections involving many geographic, demographic or lifestyle options depending on the customer's marketing requirements.

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