Data Services

Whether you mail, fax or ship, you depend on the integrity of your database. SmartMail offers extensive list cleaning and enhancement services to make your database right for your project.

Database Management

Custom List Management
We manage your list turnkey.

Add, Delete, Modify
Accurate data entry to your list -- high or low volume

List Compilation
We'll build your mailing list from scratch.

Address Standardization

Street/Zip Verification - CASS
Comply with USPS address standards.

Zip+4/Carrier Route/County Code Append
Add coding for postal savings and targeting.

USPS-approved mail sortation.

NCOA (National Change of Address)
Find re-located families and businesses from USPS change of address database.

Area Code Update
Append new and changed telephone area codes.

Data Enhancement

Merge separate files, eliminate duplicates.

Dup Elimination
Eliminate duplicates within a file.

Field Alignment
Re-structure your name, company and address fields for consistency.

Upper/Lower Casing
Change to all upper case or upper/lower.

Gender Coding
Identify male/female for proper salutation or targeting.

Separate name or address elements into separate fields.

Data Format Conversion
From and to most formats and media.

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